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Prepare your company to open its doors safely in this new reality. We have the professional systems you need to disinfect the air in spaces with A/C equipment.

We take your business to the next level in technology.

Our main objective is to be our customers' trusted partner in making their buildings and facilities smarter and more efficient. Therefore, our differentiating focus is on delivering results and not on selling devices.

The road to efficiency

Our Process

  • 01


    Once the client opens their doors to us, our specialists carry out an analysis of their installations, identifying opportunities for savings.

  • 02


    Once the opportunities have been identified, cutting-edge technologies are sought to take advantage of them.

  • 03


    The technologies we offer must be: Revolutionary, have strong backing and provide considerable and measurable effects.

  • 04


    Once the application of the technology has begun at the client's facilities, we continue to monitor the process of measuring results.

  • 05


    At the end of the measurement and verification period, the results of the process are presented.

Qualities of our Technologies.

Smart. Revolutionary. Efficient.

Qualities of as leaders in the efficiency market in the region, we are constantly searching for new technologies that allow our clients to increase their profitability through the application of these technologies, complying with the following standards:


Technologies must meet the highest standards and provide consistent results.


Technologies that contribute to generate a considerable impact on our customers' billings.


We aim to provide technologies that are Unique, Revolutionary and Practical.

Payback < 24m

They should provide savings that are converted into short and attractive returns on investments.

For each
 TON of Air conditioning
installed in your buildings, we can reduce up to:
kWh Per year
kWh Per year

Equivalent to recycling this amount of tonnes of waste.


Equivalent to changing this number of luminaires to LED.


Equivalent to planting this amount of trees, to reduce CO2 emissions.

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Blue Power Technologies is the leading company in the region in providing savings to its customers through the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies.

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