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Prepare your business to open safely, in this new reality. We can provide you with the professional air disinfection systems that you need to have a cleaner indoor air.

Lets take your Busines to the Next Level in technology.

Our main objective is to be our client’s trusted ally in everything related to energy efficiency. We differentiate by focusing on providing results rather than just selling devices. Our passion is to transform our clients’ buildings and installations in order to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint.

The road to efficiency

Our Work Process

  • 01


    Once a client opens its doors to us, our team of specialists perform an analysis of his buildings in order to identify energy saving opportunities.

  • 02


    After diligently identifying energy wastes, we research around the world, for new technologies that can transform those wastes, into energy saving opportunities.

  • 03


    We then propose a series of technologies that apply to its specific case. All of our technologies must comply with being: Revolutionary, Reliable and Substantial.

  • 04


    Once the implementation phase starts, we maintain a close following of the project, in order to measure and tune each technology to achieve the best possible results.

  • 05


    After implementing the recommended actions, we present the achieved results. Our "Results Guarantee", provides confidence to 1st time clients to invest in our technologies.

Our technologies’ musts

Smart. Revolutionary. Efficient.

As leaders of the energy efficiency market in the region, we keep looking for new and advanced technologies that can help our clients to be more efficient and consequently increment their profits. Our Technologies must comply with these standards.


They must be of the highest quality and perform consistently throughout their lifetime. They should be backed by a innovative brand that keeps updating it’s technologies.


Our technologies should produce a substantial impact in our clients’ bills and those results must be clearly measurable.


We aim to provide technologies that are Unique, Revolutionary and Practical.

Payback < 24m

Our technologies should yield savings that convert to short and attractive paybacks.

For each
 TON of Air Conditioner
Capacity installed in your facilities, we can reduce up to:
kWh each year.
kWh each year.

Equivalent to recycling these TONs of waste.


Equivalent to changing these # of light bulbs to LED.


Equivalent to planting these # of trees, to reduce CO2 Emissions.

Our Technologies

We provide professional UV-C irradiation technologies, aimed to destroy virus, bacteria and fungus that may circulating in indoor spaces and through air conditioner systems.
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Blue Power Technologies is leading the region in the energy efficiency field by providing savings through state of the art technologies.

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